Fly Me To The Moon

“I am and always will be the optimist. The hoper of far-flung hopes and the dreamer of improbable dreams” – Eleventh Doctor


Well, not quite the Moon, but I’m still going on a pretty epic journey. And today, it officially begins! At about 4pm I’ll be leaving my lovely home in Pebworth with some of my family to make the trip down to Heathrow airport. Our flight takes off just after 9pm tonight and we travel to Stockholm. We will wait in Stockholm overnight, then fly to Oslo before flying on to Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

This is a trip I first heard about when I was 17 on an open day to Aberystwyth University, and it was immediately a trip I wanted to be involved in. I am so lucky to be able to begin this trip today.

My lovely home in Pebworth

So, in this last week I’ve had to say my goodbyes to family and friends. WARNING: Soppy post time (sorry not sorry). The hardest of all was saying goodbye to my lovely boyfriend, Tom, and only a couple of weeks away our 1 year anniversary. I’m hoping my present will make up for my absence on the day.

Tom and I at Camp Nou in September


I’ve also had a lot of fun trying to pack my suitcase. My Mum bought me a new suitcase as most of our current ones are old, heavy and knackered. So now I was equipped with my new, lightweight and fully functional suitcase, it was time to go through the ordeal of deciding which of my clothes I had to spend the next 5 and a half months with and which wouldn’t make the cut. I also had to pack bed linen and towels, and try and fit in some pictures to try and decorate my new room when I arrive.

Earlier today I booked an extra bag in the hold. This was mainly to reduce my stress levels in the airport and allow me to be able to take a few more warm clothes and some other items.

Now I’m pretty much ready to leave, and it’s a daunting few days ahead. I’m a mixture of excited, nervous, and also a bit sad to be leaving behind so many great people for the next few months. I am incredibly happy that my immediate family and Tom will all be coming out to visit me in March, making the gap between seeing them slightly smaller and more bearable. 

Next week, hear all about my first few days in Svalbard. Hear how I’m settling into my new home and how the safety training course is going. 


Author: Lucy Hoskin

23 year old student from Aberystwyth University about to complete my Masters in Astrophysics in the arctic.

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